ANA VICENTE artist-researcher-educator


2024 HOW DOES A COLLECTIVE BODY MOVE... ~ practice-research, writing, collective
2023 24H ON EARTH PUBLICATION ~ curation, proj. management
2023 THERE IS A STONE IN ME THAT KNOWS STONE ~ installation, performance
2022 STEVIE SMITH ~ art producer
2022 LOVE LETTERS ~  research-creation, pedagogy, collaboration
2022 (K)NOT CROCHET AT 24H ON EARTH ~ expermental pedagogy, collaboration
2022 GROUND WORK CATALOGUE ~ graphic design, art direction
2021 BEING-WITH-CHOREO-GRAPHIES ~ installation, video
2021 THE SOUNDSCAPE POETRY PROJECT ~ book design, artwork
2020 GROUND WORK  RESIDENCY ~ photography, mixed media
2020 BEING-WITH-CHOREO-GRAPHIES ~ website, research
2020 FEELING THE GAPS WALKING ~ toolkit, research, collaboration
2020 STUDIO 4 ~ installation, research
2019 DINNER ~ performance
2019 BY THE WAY CATALOGUE ~ graphic design, art direction
2019 LIVETYPE ARCHIVE ~ graphic design, publication
2018 LIVETYPE ~ Performance, collaboration
2018 T2 ~ performance, collaboration
2018 MALPAS ROAD ~  performance, collaboration
2017 W(IN)DOW ~ performance
2017 NUMBER STATIONS ~ performance, collaboration
2016-2005 WOTADOT ~ self-publishing
2015 SPACE IN BETWEEN THE WORDS ~ artist book
2015 ENSEMBLE  (DOMESTIC IMPROVISATION) ~ video, assemblage
2015 KITCHEN ~ mixed  media
2011 TABLE SERIES II ~ etchings
2011 UNTITLED_PILE ~ artist book
2011 FOUND ~ drawing, etchings
2010 TREE DANCE ~ photography
2010 THE FALL ~ artist book
2010 TABLE SERIES I ~ drawing, mixed media
2009 COSMOS ~ artist book
2004 DAQUI PARA ALI E VOLTAR ~ installation



© Ana Vicente 2004-2024


My work explores modes of attention and being-with in relation to site-specificity, place, the body and learning. I work solo, collaboratively and collectively and my approach is distinctively multimodal adopting embodied, improvisatory and choreographic methods.

My work has taken place in domestic, urban and natural sites, as well as in theatres and galleries. I have used fine art, performance art and pedagogical methods, often entwined, to explore how meaning can emerge from apparent nothingness, in the realm of the everyday. For example, I use rules, instructions, chance, repetition and event scores as some of the ways to explore different modes of perception, attention and contemplation. I have been interested in how waiting and duration are implied in time and space, and how we perceive this in and through our body.  

My creative drive has a deep anchor in the sea and the rocky land—itself inseparable from sea— of the peninsula in the West Coast of Portugal where part of my family comes from and where I grew up and still visit regularly today. This lived connection inlfluence the poetic, situated, relational, multisensory and experiential nature of my artistic-pedagogic practice. At its core, my practice of twenty and more years has been a (re)searching that follows a flowing logic and is driven by the encounter with specific sites, contexts, environments and locations and the people that already exist in or are involved with these places. 


Ana Vicente is an Anglo-Portuguese artist-educator-researcher based in North London. She is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD in the area of the body in art practice and learning at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Her research draws on a posthuman and new materialist feminist framework, process philosophy, feminist poetry and literature, radical critical pedagogies and somatic movement. Her current project uses this framework to critically observe tactics for practicing-thinking through the problem of the body as a site where learning is felt with the aim to rehearse methodologies for eco-somatic-pedagogical practices of co-creation and co-learning. Vicente’s practice encompasses performance, drawing, installation, video, bookmaking, writing and design. Her work has been showed in the UK and internationally. She previously studied BA Fine Art Painting  at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon; and the MA Performance Making and the MA Education Studies (Art & Learning), both at Goldsmiths, University of London. She  worked in creative education for the past sixteen years, primarily in FE, as Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Art & Design and Media. She is  currently a Senior External Moderator for the University of the Arts London Awarding Body supporting Centres nationwide with the delivery and assessment processes of creative qualifications. Ana Vicente co-founded the self-publishing project wotadot, she makes performances as part of the collaborative duo Lorie Jo and Ana, she is part of the intergenerational artists-led Ground Collective, she co-convenes the cross-institutional practice-based research group Seeders and she is an active researcher and member of the Experimental Pedagogies Research Group (EPRG) at University of the Arts London.

From 2010 to present Ana Vicente has been studying  body movement and philosophy. She studied somatic movement, improvisation, Feldenkrais, Contemporary dance, Butoh, Gaga, voice and theatre (amongst others) with influential practicioneers such as Michael Clark, Vivien Bridson, Mehmet Sander, Florence Peake, Miranda Tufnell, Anna Furse, Graeme Miller, Marie Gabriele Rotti, David Glass, Guy Dartnell, Clive Mendus, Seke Chimutengwende, La Ribot, Karen Christopher, Carolyn Roy, Helen Poynor, Jamie McHugh, Simonetta Alessandri and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (amongst many others). She studied process and continental philosophy with Erin Manning, Rosi Braidotti and Bayo Akomolafe. This long term commitment to the thinking, the study and the practice of the body in movement and performance has had a profound influence in Vicente’s artistic and pedagogic practice and creative process.